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Looking for genuine discount heating oil?  Don't fall for mere marketing tactics that leave you disillusioned.  Oil for Less, a pioneering force in the industry, stands apart by delivering real savings and unparalleled service. Say goodbye to tire-kicking and fruitless searches - join thousands of satisfied members who've harnessed the power of Oil for Less to save an average of $275 - $500 annually on heating oil. 

In the world of fuel providers, the term "discount heating oil" is frequently thrown around to capture attention.  But all too often, what seemed promising turns out to be nothing more than an illusion.  This is where Oil for Less emerges as a pioneer, setting the gold standard for authentic discount heating oil and exceptional service.

Real Savings, Real Results

Oil for Less stands as a group organization, harnessing the power of collective numbers to secure tangible benefits for consumers.  On average, members save an impressive $275 - $500 annually when purchasing heating oil at genuinely discounted rates. If you're tired of endless searches and empty promises, it's time to heed the advice of thousands of satisfied members who've embraced true savings and top-notch service.

Trusted Partnerships, Trusted Results

In partnership with Pilgrim Oil Group, Oil for Less has been delivering discount heating oil across its coverage area since its inception.  Our name has become synonymous with trust and reliability, a consumer favorite when it comes to securing fuel at true discount prices.

Quality Service, Unbeatable Reach

Oil for Less isn't just about savings; it's about enabling consumes to purchase discount heating oil while experiencing the highest level of industry service.  Our extensive coverage spans 14 states and boasts an impressive 78 distribution hubs, comprising approximately 740 fuel trucks and 600 service vehicles.

Empowerment through Membership

Oil for Less wields the power of its brand to offer consumers some of the most competitive fuel oil prices.  And the best part?  Becoming a member is not just free -  it's the key to unlocking incredible savings.  Be part of the movement and start saving money today.

Efficiency, Innovation, Excellence

Oil for Less, alongside its wholly owned subsidiary Pilgrim Oil Group, operates as a collaboration of fuel distribution hubs and service providers.  Our proprietary software, strategically designed to piggyback on existing orders, enhances efficiency, enabling us to offer our members some of the lowest fuel oil prices available.  Our staff comprises professionals who are not just courteous and knowledgeable - they're driven to exceed our members' expectations.

When it comes to discount heating oil, Oil for Less redefines the game.  Say goodbye to empty marketing promises and embrace real savings and superior service.  Join the movement, become a member, and experience the unparalleled satisfaction of true discount heating oil with Oil for Less.