Vermont heating oil consumers that are tired of paying high prices for fuel now have the opportunity to join a discount buying group.  

Oil for less covers 11 states including Vermont.  Our group brings to the table the ability to lower heating oil prices without diminishing the quality of the heating oil or the proficiency of service.  Oil for less can accomplish this by its massive buying power, grouping hundreds and sometimes thousands of consumers throughout VT.  

Oil for less believes that maximizing all deliveries within one geographic area on a designated day will maximize efficiency and increase productivity without substituting quality.  This makes for a perfect partnership between and many Vermont heating oil suppliers.

Vermont heating oil members can take advantage of prompt COD oil deliveries, automatic fuel oil deliveries, or any service related problems.  Some areas offer a free service contract.

When hundreds of fuel oil consumers join together to purchase heating oil in Vermont it creates leverage.  When thousands of heating oil consumers join forces throughout 11 states it creates enough power to lower oil prices in the Northeast for all group members.  If we're not in your Vermont neighborhood yet, we will be there soon. To help speedup the process, call your local  Vermont heating oil supplier and tell them about OIL FOR LESS.